Few words from promoter

Hussaini Manzil  was the name of building, which was located at Kharadar an old area of Karachi and purchased by Hussaini Peer Muhammad, down to earth person and enjoyed great respect within and outside Ismailia community. He purchased this building in 1946 from Hindus when they were migrating from Karachi to India.

As the story goes, Late Mr. Hussaini has many events to boast of, I am pleased to announce that I am the grandson of this great person, whose life inspired me to write good about him. In order to keep his name alive, I decided to name this project after his name and thus the emergence of Hussaini Manzil Housing Scheme has come into being.
I wish the prospective occupants, a great long, happy and healthy life. May they all be blessed with blessings of Almighty Allah.
Finally, I would like to thank all my sincere supporters, well-wishers and friends who have help me in bringing this project happen.

Zulfiqar Ali Hussaini.